Every 19th of october in San Francisco the city is filled with navy cadets, ships and planes. The Blue Angels come to town and loop the loop for an hour every day for 4 days. Gas bills need to be paid. Mozilla SF is conveniently located on the 7th floor of the HillsBro coffee building. What that provides is ample sunshine filled views of the Blue Angels streaking the skies.

Recently deployed naval ships get the treat of docking in different US cities for a week and enjoy land. Landlubbers can enjoy the ship too. With the wonderful choice of leaving the vessel when they want.

Not everyone is happy with this show of military strength or waste of fuel. It is also very macho. But very soon drones will do the air show much better. Gamers at the forefront. Will they paint sharks on the noses of drones? Or smileys like a Pixar cartoon.

Anyway, this was an opportunity to test the Fuji 55-200 (i’ve used it before but for very static subjects). At 200mm zoomed, It’s not the fastest to attain focus when a fighter jet is screaming above you. But if you track the object it’s quite good!

A very nice lens. Easy to hold. And would be lovely for travel (wildlife/safaris).