I’ve been learning to develop black and white film at RayKo Labs in San Francisco. The process is mesmerizing and makes for long solitary hours. I can’t possibly print all 36 exposures but i do wish to share them on the web. I got the film processed and scanned at PhotoWorks on Market St, San Francisco.

Things for me to learn

  • compensate for darker regions, take into account white t shirts on bright days
  • There is quite some grain! I need to understand if the grain is because of scanning or Tri X 400 ( I used a Bessa R3A with a Voigtlander 40mm and a Zeiss Sonnar 50mm).
  • learn to focus quickly and properly. The Bessa is a rangefinder and not the easiest to focus (i’m coming from a Fuji XT1)

Enjoy the images!