05:33 16 Mar, 2018 Bernal Hill (or summit) is about a mile uphill from my place in the Mission. From the bedroom window, the slow rising grassy slope fills the view and marks the passing of seasons. From brown and dry in the summer to shaggy, green and huggable in the winter.

Dry or wet, it is a dogs haven. Morning, noon or evening, dogs are running, climbing, sauntering, stick chasing all throughout the hill. Up and windy, to the top, higher and higher to the communications tower. Owners, joggers, stragglers walk behind their dog or after the dog, each having a lovely time.

The hill is steep to one side and gently unfolds towards the eastern side. Bernal Hill was created when the Pacific plate moved underneath (subducting) the North American Plate. On a rainy day, the determined walker is exposed to the full unimpeded wind and the shards of rain that come with it. I had to walk at an angle! A cigarette took 8 matches to light.

I wanted to capture her green loveliness, so I took a nice long walk and used the Fuji XT1+35mm/1.4 combination. Sufficiently overcast to shoot wide open throughout. Touched up in Lightroom.

I also took some panoramas using a Hasselblad XPan. I’ll update the page with this soon.

While taking my leave, I guess one day Bernal will opens up, like a giant pod, peeling away along the muddy paths. Those same paths thousands of people have walked on and dogs that haven’t. And if I look upwards, the sky will turn blue,yellow, and red with a million butterflies. Trapped? of course not, it’s all connected.

Hope you like the pictures.