More medium format images for your or my viewing pleasure. The first set was taken around my home and office. Which is the span of my daily travels. I wish my work took me farther or my energies lasted long enough for nice bike rides.

The second picture is what I like to call the lesser known painted ladies on Capp and 23rd. They don’t have the angle of view of their much more famous siblings, but a sunny day brings out their vibrant colors. The face in the window is that of Alex Nieto, a person shot and killed by the SF Police on Bernal Hill. There are differing accounts regarding the circumstances surrounding his death but based on US police behavior, I suspect Alex Nieto need not have died.

As for the second set of pictures, well I cant quite remember their location. It was at someones birthday party up in Marin country (as you can see, Marin loves Robin Williams).

These photos were taken with Portra 400(or 160, I dont recall), rated one stop lower. Scanned by Indie Photo Lab who did a superb job with it. It helps they give you all sorts of options (not too many, just the right amount) to guide them in their scanning.