Ambled our way to the Sunday Street fair held in the Mission usually 3 times a year. About 5 blocks of Valencia St is closed off to traffic. The streets are lined with performers, eateries, and other establishments from the neighborhood. I think i shot one of my first rolls here. This time I was walking with the XPan, as someone put, the worlds costliest toy camera. Oh but it provides so much pleasure. I am a sucker for the panoramic format, though my shots are not optimized for it. Ideally, one wants events happening from left to right since thats where the breadth of the film is (or right to left). So enamored, I’ve gone ahead and indulged in my GAS and bought the 90mm lens. Forgive me.

And I also found out how lovely Ektar is. It most definitely is not good for Indian skin tones, providing them with a unhealthy magenta tone. But the street colors, and grass is addictively beautiful. More practice is required.

Though the Pakon can scan this format, sometimes you need to scan them twice. You might find a magenta band running across some of these photos. I didn’t bother with to scan again since some of the photos are rather average. Some others have moment. See the band below? They perform every Saturday on Polk (near Washington). A motley group of individuals of all sizes, that day they were celebrating Ben. E. King.