About two years back and forgive me for not precisely remembering when I got married, our friends gave us a Kodak disposable camera. Probably for taking memorable shots whilst on our honeymoon,but embarassingly enough, neither of us quite how to use it. The single button was pressed several times and this being film, we had no idea if a photo was taken or not. Yes, the counter did increment, a click was heard, cogs turned, but was a photo taken? With the instant gratification that a digital camera provides, I have almost forgotten how to trust. This was 2 years back, and with my recent film camera experiences, some of that ability to trust has come back.

The disposable camera is a $10 unit of bated pleasure. Point, click, scene preserved. Hopefully memory too, though I certainly cannot remember some of the scenes captured below. Quality. Bad. Fun. Unbounded! And for a few dollars more,you can buy waterproof cameras. You really save money buying water proof disposable cameras as opposed to reliable water proof jackets for ones precious Rx100. So many memories rely on external technology and they all have to be trusted to work.

With it’s cheap affordability, I thought I could purchase one of these, take a snap, send it to one my ISI friends, and they do the same and pass the camera around. A photographic chain mail as it were. But then everyone could also take a picture on their cellphone too and share it on a file sharing site. Such practicality reminds me of the the “day after today” being the same as “tomorrow”.

All that melodrama apart, the pictures below are from a trip to India, a visit to the theater, a jog through BayView rounded off by my cycle trips from office to home.