Thinking in black and white is novel for me. I’ve been told it’s pure and simple, the photographer and viewer not distracted by the colors. After maybe 20 rolls, I’m seeing the light that guides the uninitiated. Light and shadows. Form and lines. Geometry and texture. These are the qualities that black and white wants to work with. After spending exclusive time with B&W, color becomes another dimension that needs to be incorporated into the photo. There is so much to be learned and it comes through a lot of practice. I’m only beginning to really appreciate the power of black and white. Rather than limit it frees. And then there is the medium format look. The pictures below are taken with the Hasselblad. I have often wondered what about the look cannot be captured in other formats. Apart from the resolution, there is tonality. The black and white textures are thick and viscous, luscious pasty ink strokes. I want to master the format and tools to bring these out. How beautiful would these look on cloth lined paper prints?