I couldn't resist posting this blog entry with some more B&W pictures from a Hasselblad. Pictures taken from Rajarshi and Debarchana's (and Beeble and Arthur's) place out in Manchester,CT. To a city person like myself, their place is quite remote, tucked away in sylvan surroundings with the closest gas station several miles away. But it does make for an amazingly restorative getaway. I spent my time trying to befriend Beeble the cat you see below and Arthur the cat you dont. Arthur and I were never in one foot of each other for more than five seconds. For some reason, the sight of me sent him running.

I just had to place this pictures up here. They are so textured. Maybe it's because of the negative being curled whilst being processed but the skies look like crumpled paper. The details are rich. Some of these exposures were ballparked (without light meter) and film is forgiving. I shot at mostly 2.8 - 5.6 (on Tri-X 400 rated at 200 and Formapan rated at 200) and as you can see some highlights are blown or some shadows lost. The light conditions were extreme. But with a sense of exposure and films's latitude on your side, slow shooting with the heavy Hasselblad becomes so much lighter.