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Misguided Efforts in New York

Jun 16, 2015

Sheetal and I took a short farewell trip to New York City. Not our farewells, but partings with good friends. Priya, goes back to Delhi and Rajendran moves to Ashoka University, also in New Delhi. With 4 days between New Rochelle, New Jersey, New York City and 3-4 distinct group of friends the days flew by and not enough was done. I really do mean the last bit: we had coffee and smokes and spent half the day planning the other half of the day. And nothing really happened. No Highline, no B&H. We did get to see the beautiful Cloisters. Founded by Charles Collins, the Cloisters is a museum for architecture students to learn European styles. Spending time with new friends in a lovely museum in vibrant warm New York City is still a pleasant way to end a misspent day.

I did take some medium format photos, but found out that I had inserted the roll incorrectly. Luckily for us, we had Sheetal in our midst. She took all these photos with a sony RX100.