Shaggy was a huge shephard mix ( at Muttville. A big bundle of energy and love, I had the pleasure of taking him for a walk one day. So polite and loving, one wanted to take care of him forever. Unfortunately he had to be put down. It was hard decision for everyone and no way out.

Before I heard the news, I had hope that I would meet Shaggy again. Even though we lived far apart, maybe our paths would never cross, I still nurtured the hope, be it flicker, that we might meet. In some sense I felt him alive and though far away, nearby. To have hope is like lighting a candle in a vacuum. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to walk with Shaggy again. The end of life takes away both being and hope. Death can be so, as Sheetal said, so definite.

I cycled to K1 Go Karting by the Bay View trail. K1 is close to the airport and the trail is a nice quiet open space that winds its way down to Mountain VIew. If you cycle at your own pace, and catch the breeze, you are not here.