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Whistle Whistle, Wonk, Wonk

Jun 26, 2015
Mozilla took us to Whistler, Canada for a 'coincident' work week. A nice gesture that brings us together to work and make merry in a beautiful place. The route from Vancouver to Whistler takes up to the mountains (Sea to Sky as it is called) and at this time of the year the place was warm, green and with plenty of fresh mountain air.
I took some pictures with the XPan and Hasselblad on Ektar 100 and Portra 160(or maybe 400). Mostly good, but my shots of people in the forest were not the best composed.

My first day was in Vancouver. Staying right next to Stanley Park (the English Bay neighborhood), I rented a cycle and took a long ride along the waterfront. Vancouver has lovely cycle routes that stretch all along the sea, the canal that goes through the city and over to the ocean on the west. The city is remarkably cycle friendly and the drivers very accomodating. I took some pictures as I cycled my way through the park, alongside the canal, and then to Spanish Banks where David Asher from Mozilla hosted a grill party. I asked him why he loved Spanish Banks so. He said that above the house line on the hills you see across the ocean is where civilization ends till Mongolia. To able to stand on a warm evening by the pleasant water, and see the beginning of the end of human abode for thousands and thousands of miles is quieting and beautiful at the same time.

As you might imagine from the pictures above, Vancouver is a very beautiful city, with warm oceans and a seemingly obvious quality of life. It is however an expensive place to live in and I was travelling in the better kept places of the city. So don't move based on these pictures. Below are some Hasselblad pictures (i think Portra). I really like the two people sitting on the tree, and hope i the negative hasn't been spoilt


The real reason to be in Vancouver was the Mozilla conference in Whistler. So having packed a one and half days with activity, Ali picked myself and Christina up at the airport and started the beautiful drive along the Sea to Sky highway. Not literally so the road takes you from sea level to Whistler (something around 5K feet high). I compare it to a Rocky mountain Highway 1. Hulking and majestic tree covered mountains gracefully sloping into the ocean.

Though I did look forward to daily jogging routine innate laziness and a grueling day took care of those aspirations. The pictures below (a mixture of Ektar 100 and Portra 400) are taken on a Cedar Woods hike led by evergreen boss John Jensen and at the top of Whistler Mountain. I quite like the pictures, though exposing for super white skinned people, brown in a available light condition in a forest at high noon was exasperatingly difficult. More so for the audience. Those smiles took a lot of encouragement.

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