Oh rex! A bit of clarity/sharpening does justice to the Zeiss 35mm lens. Throw in a medium a contrast curve and does Ektar look unbeatable.

simply, silently, knowingly, his eyes track
our meandering movements, to the door
quietly, patiently, finally, sees our back
and warms to the floor
the field is warmed by a blazing arc
the orange, grimy saliva orb chewed to perfection
he madly pulls us to the golden green park
powered by hours of bored reflection
and on and on he runs and jumps
his canine toys, his air and space
one eye afar, the other on us
sprint, slobber, jump and race
quietly we stroll our ways to home
in him i choose to recognize
at peace,we contently feed ourselves,
and so i’m able to empathize
dogs, I know, are canine,
but the dog i love is leonine

An evocative poem I read recently in the Writer’s Almanac. I read it many times over for the feeling and images to sink in. If only I could memorize it!

Inside by by Dan Albergotti
In the lake, the cottonmouth. In the sea, the shark.
In the soil, the growing seed. In the tree, the lark.

In the dark, the insects’ call. In the light, the trust.
In the child, the weight of years. In the steel, the rust.

In the dust, the memory. In the air, your soul.
In my head, the unsaid words. In the diamond, coal.

In the hole, your polished box. In the earth, the quake.
In my blood, your vessel ran. In these lines, its wake.