A few weeks ago Sheetals friends from India, Jatin and Deesha made a second trip the States. Thought they visited last year they were forced to return for urgent reasons. This time, we went to Tahoe and managed to do swim in the lake which is so big it’s like swimming in the sea. I managed a healthy swim and swimming in a pristine clear lake and being able to see your legs suspend in the sunlit waters is bit eerie and beautiful at the same time. And instead of taking the gondola ride we hiked up to a little waterfall. If you can walk, I so strongly recommend you do it - the walk itself is refreshing and vistas are vast, breathtaking and keep on getting grander with foot you climb. Also it reduces any guilt while overeating.

The rock in the stomach feeling of sadness visited me when I it turned out I had inserted film into the Hasselblad incorrectly. All my wonderful Neopan (or was it Tmax?) photos were ruined. What you see here are a combination of Leica M7, Portra and Voigtlander 21mm. The black and whites are with TriX400.