Water was found on Mars today. News sites took great pains to point out that it is liquid running water flowing down canyons and craters during the summer months. Summer temperatures can go up to 35 celcius even in the shade (though the average high is a much colder 20 celcius). So if water were to exists, it might just flow! Though scientists have long observed presence of water(water that existed in the past) this is the first time we see evidence of running water (actually happening). The money line is “These results confirm the hypothesis that RSL are due to present-day activity of briny water. “

See this image from NASA

What does this mean for us? Well with water, might just possibly come life? We have seen evidence of life here on earth in the deepest of oceans, sulphur springs, icy tundra with no light and temperature extremes. So why not on Mars? And where does this leave us in the Universe? That we are not unique? That we are an accident? Keep in mind some estimates place 100 million life supporting planets in our galaxy alone and maybe 60 billion across the universe.

Humanity would not be the stretch of life. Life extends all over the universe. How will religious thinkers and philosphers think about facets we attribute to humankind? e.g. morality, compassion,empathy, self awareness? Are they too created in His likeness?

The future is very exciting.

The pictures were taken with the very capable Moto X Pure. The camera takes reasonably sharp pictures with a pleasant color rendition. Though the auto HDR works it can easily make skins look burnt. But overall the feature works well. The pictures were treated in VSCO.