I left San Francisco for Vancouver and wanted a photo of a view through the plane windows. The idea was a quite view of land sweeping by. I don’t think I captured that. Also you’ll find my pawmarks all over the film. I took the pictures with the Sonnar 50mm/1.5. I had hoped for for sharper images but that’s my trembling hand at work. Or my burps. I seem to have problem with digesting after all the overeating.

I burnt my finger, my middle finger
While cooking for my love
I lit a Winston at the stove, burnt my hair
While I cooked for my love
I took a drag and burnt my lungs
And I still cooked for my love
Down the hatch the ardberg ran,
I burnt my throat and manned the stove
And cooked for my love.
Time slowed while the flames leapt
My heart burn ached as the fire crept
Bhuno bhuno toil and trouble
Drink to smoke and cauldron bubble
The flame on sim, the hell fires rumble
Perfect Postho.
I cooked for my love

By the way, I’m back in SF. The photos are taken with TMax-400 using a Leica M7. Very few were shot wide open.