Two years ago Sheetal met Rojo the therapy llama at Portland (during Portlands pumpkin festival). He was all dolled up and adorable as ever. This weekend we visited Portland for a little weekend relaxation and hoped to see Rojo and friends again. Sadly, Rojo was not on duty!! Well, trying out our luck we called Mtn Peaks Therapy LLamas and Lori answered. Lori and her daughter Shannon run the Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas along with Rojo, Smokey, Napolean, Jean-Pierre, Andre, and Little Chap.

Lori was unbelievabley kind and gracious to invite us to meet, hug and get llama love right at her home. A short drive from Portland, we managed to feed, walk, and learn from Lori the love and caring required to keep llamas and alpacas. For myself, it took a few minutes of trusting Lori, but once you hug a llama you want to hug and hug and hug. They are very unique and endearing creatures.

It’s so wonderful that Lori has these adorable creatures by her side every day, and equally wonderful that Rojo and company are lucky to have such a wonderful person as Lori in their lives.

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All these pictures were taken with Fuji XT1 along with a Zeiss 50mm/1.5 Sonnar attached. As you can see from Sheetal’s dress, my colors are out of whack. It’s actually grey but in it appears multiple shades of grey in various pictures.