A took a small restorative break in Portland, a city that rains more than Seattle! Yet laid back, pastoral even, with llamas, verdant surroundings, fall colors and lovely animals. And everyone kept on apologizing for stepping in my frame! .We had the finest egg burritos(served in a paratha style wrap with a lemon hint to it), superb Ramen (at Boxer Ramen) , a lovely walk in the Rose garens, wet steps on fallen leaves, soaked in rain and wonderful hosts with their adorable family of animals.

Couldn’t have asked for more really. And now Sheetal really wants to move there. Can’t say i don’t want to either, but if i cant move my office seat from one wing to another, what hope to leave the Bay Area? The pictures were taken on Portra 400 exposed by a stop and exposed for shadows using a Zeiss 35mm/f2