The Talos project is Mozilla’s internal QA tool for testing the quality of Firefox builds. Commits to different branches of Firefox get batched, compiled and tested on a battery of test suites. Some are unit tests and many others performance tests. My ongoing work is cataloging the different tests for their testing efficacy. One essential criteria is that the variation in the test is small compared to it’s mean. </p>

Visualization is crucial to understanding these tests. The tests are run on a combination of hardware platforms, e10s builds, and compile options. There can be several hundred visualization to study. The graphing tool I'll be using is rbokeh, an R interface to the Bokeh graphing tool. One limitation as I see it is that printing the figure object at the R console opens a new browser tab/window every time. Rather, I'd have the output sent to one file and all I'd need to do is reload the browser window.

In html_print, doesn’t have an option on how and where to write the HTML , it always creates anothe temporary directory and writes the HTML there. The following code handles that in that it uses a fixed directory and copies the data to that fixed directory. On my remote system, ~/public_html/rbokeh can be viewed in Chrome (which has the added advantage of viewing PDFs in the browser).