A little rant, dear reader, do indulge? On the internet exist a million recipes.Yet none do proper timings divulge! Cook for 20 minutes they say, stir for 5 minutes mention others, roast for 10, the cooks of the world, unlike bakers, care not for times. I understand cooking is an art, but give us beginners a guideline remotely close to the original. Makes me wonder how much alchohol is being consumed. Or, dare I say, how good their version came out …
As I mentioned yesterday, I was in India last year. This time only two cameras, the XPAN and Plaubel Makina 67. Here you will see come pictures that struck me.

Like most Indian metropolises, Bangalore is in a state of perenial consruction. Commerical street, known for its shops, tailors and the retail industry is as busy as ever. And home to the most matter of fact tailor I’ve met. Someone who told me that reducing my trouser’s waist was impossible. “Reduce your waist instead”, he said.

The zenobia returns and I lied. I did bring the zenobia zenobaflex to India. After shooting one roll of film to check the thing actually works, I left it there in India. I hope it doesn’t catch fungus. I still cannot focus this camera sharply and it transpires I have a hit rate of alarmingly low proportions. It is quite fun to use and nearly everyone can use it - the jenoby being sufficiently worn out and cheap, neither I nor my friends get intimidated by it.

Around Bangalore

Children obediently performing their Monday morning workout to the instructor (who very likely last worked out 30 years ago) strict chants. The thatched bamboo racks contain silkworms. This area is famous for its hand crafted wooden toys,the Government Silk College and extremely cheap bales of raw silk.

Sheetal standing on the land she purchased some 8 years back. We were all relieved that the land is still hers and not the fiefdom of some paanwalla.

Much as I adore the picture of Shiv and the children, framing them and getting them to stay still, face the camera, keep their eyes open brought out the clown in me. This was taken at RSI, Bangalore and the children loved the idea of having to dress up (RSI and its silly dress codes).

The expressions are the best I’ve had. Photographing children is rewarding just to capture the unalloyed sincerity and honesty of their expressions.