I enjoy the surprise with which friends receive my song recommendations. This particular tune has two things going for it: a rhythm and a memory. When I told Jaggy who was driving

Hand it over! Give it to me right now, we’ll play whatever the maharaj wishes to hear.

So i pass them the song which i came across by way of Jabberwocky a blog related to films. In a masterful short, Manoj Bajpayee plays Taandav, the constable under gazzilions of pressure to find a way to pay for his precocious daughters education. With an unhappy spouse and fighting off pecuniary temptations our Tandaav finally gives in to the music of the parade and enters a trance. He dances with intoxicated liberation.

Once upon a time, someone asked me why i enjoy lying in the sun on the hill. I couldn’t give an answer that satisfied her. Digging further, the answer that satisfied us both was that for those few moments there was nothing else. I wholly enjoyed the present, without a nod to the future nor a look to the past. And by definition i couldn’t be thinking of work or a book, or a good movie, because that would not have been the present. The present was the grass, the sunshine, the view, the air, the aroma, the qualia. The present involved experiencing them all instantly.

And so for Inspector Taandav, for that moment he was liberated from the woes of his life. Free without a care for the future, a future where he gets suspended :(

Back to the song, the movie ends in Nucleya’s (can one be a hip hop / rap artist without a twist in the spelling?) Mumbai Dance. Which I heard in office, on loop. And now i hand over to Jaggy. He starts it and the car erupts. Everyone in the car looks at me. This piece is electric and the very opposite of the owner of this stationary, belching, arse. But in the context of the short, for this song will always have that context for me, the song is such a heady emotional release. And lastly before we move on to something else, another brilliant piece from Nucleya.

The Nishika 9000 camera was the successor to the Nishika 8000(a big bulky bertha) . A plastic peice of 90’s machinery with 4 lenses, these cameras took a view of the scene from four slightly different angles. The film was printed by a process called lenticular printing resulting in a 3D image that would leap out of the photo (as Nishika and Vincent Price would have you believe). This was back in the nineties and in a world with film, cameras, dinky computers, bad hairstyles and worse jackets and dinky computers, this was just the sort of gadget people would want.

Unfortunately now it costs 13. You do the math. Luckily, I can scan the negatives using my trusty Pakon and follow the excellent Youtube instructions to get these below

Aren’t the pictures below just rad?? I reckon for best effects, you want something in the foreground and something in the background as you keep the subject aligned. So for example, have you subject keep one hand out? or maybe jump, but slightly towards you (e..g their leg sticking out at you). Or blowing bubbles to the Nishika?

You can also automate the alignment using align_image_stack (a tool that comes with Hugin) but tended to warp images for me. As for uploading to the Facebook, our beloved social overlord does not display animated GIFs in their animated glory. Hence here is a gist to convert the animated gif to MP4 (which can be uploaded, but again the moronic Facebook does not allow more than one video per post).

I hope to have a few more added to this page.