While walking and talking with friends, I forgot that the Plaubel Makina is completely manual. Though it does have a TTL exposure meter, it does not set the exposure for you! The easily ignored little voice in the back of my head that thought that the long shutter whirr might indicate a faulty camera was in fact … right in a way. The apeture was set at 2.8 and the shutter at 1/8. Though the images were blurry and the grain prominent (for Reala 100, though the hand shake could contribute to that), it’s not like the hightlights were blown! That’s how good the dynamic range of film is.

The image above probably had a light value of 10 but was taken with an EV of 6. The second had a LV of say 14’ish and again i took the photo with EV of 6.

I finally caught on and the last one was at EV 11 with the same LV (and i adjusted in Lightroom by a stop, so i think one ought to shoot Reala 100 at say 3 stops over)