I’ve switched to Iterm2 and mosh for development work. I usually ssh into a remote server and run sessions in tmux. When my network drops and reconnects I need to ssh back into the server and attach to the running tmux session. mosh makes this transparent. That is you install mosh on the client and server (no super user required), and use mosh instead of ssh. Start R in the terminal, and when your network drops and restarts and gape in amazement at your still running R session. An added bonus on slow networks, mosh displays your keystrokes without waiting for server echo. This removes even that little friction . As for Iterm2, I send pasted characters from emacs to the terminal. You need some change in settings to the speed of pasting to fix this

defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 QuickPasteBytesPerCall -int 2048
defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 QuickPasteDelayBetweenCalls -float 0.3

Can’t let you go without some totally unrelated photos can I? I took Rex for a play in Stern Grove dog park. Which is probably one of the best dog parks in San Francisco. A massive green expanse tucked away between the slopes and trees of Stern Grove. Dog bowls, hoses, dirt patches, easy parking and unending stretches of green make this place a heaven for dog and dog lover alike.

From the home to the field.