Last weekend, my brother and sister in law, Sheetal and Rex crammed ourselves in to the Prius and drove of to Tahoe. My heart went out to Rex seeing him squeezed into the Prius’s trunk. But once he settled in and sniffed out his space he seemed to have get quite comfortable. And in fact there was no rear seat for him to fall of when I braked, which i do and suddenly at that.

troubleshot, vodka shots
what will be next?
headshots, killshots
and a thousand little deaths

But in my haste to load the Hasselblad with some 120 film, I didn’t load it correctly. Rather once I loaded the film, I felt something was up a and hoped reality would be different. It wasn’t. I also knew something was askew when I rewound the 35mm camera and the rewind time was surprisingly short. Something was up and as I usually do, I made a ‘huh’ and attributed it to the vagaries of life. I should really trust my senses, though they seem to kick in quite unhelpfully after the fact.

In summary, about 30 shots, not a single one could be scanned. Not a single one. I was so upset and started binge eating. With fully belly and sick feeling I write this post.

The Fuji was acting up too and I think it was because of a faulty SD card. Which finally died today. The only good news in the last few days was a free Hub membership. One of their locations is in Berkeley, close to the main campus. And with this I might even get to hear some of the Berkeley concerts.

cute is lingus
aer lingus
fellah, ratio,
just a pose with
juxt and pose
in a dog & pony show

Anyways, what was left was some black and white photos. Mixed feelings about these. I do however have a better feel for the M7 light meter. If you have a well lit room with deep interiors then expose for the deep shadows by pointing right into it(expose and recompose).