We took a short trip to Seattle, driving down to Portland. A couple of days later Rahul joined us and offed it to Crater Lake. From Crater Lake back to Portland and then finally to Seattle.

It wasn’t the best of journeys. Sheetal was quite sick, one entire roll of 35mm failed to shoot (i have now correctly learned how to load the camera) and my general memory is a lot of driving.

With that out of the way, things I recall, are lovely walks in Capitol Hill neighborhoods, the water tank up there, watching a man dance slowly with bad ass sword, egg burritos in Portland, the lovely dogs Reba and Bandit at the AirBNB, a fun night at an the McKinley Resort in Portland, a lovely evening cooking and chatting with Sue in the balmy evening in Oregon and the last evening in Rahuls local bar, Annapurna.


And I’m thankful for the lovely night sky an hour from Crater Lake, in the middle of nowhere. Sheetal got us in the car and we drove to the lake and the Milky Way was a band of dust you couldn’t miss even with sunglasses on. Shooting stars could be mistaken for viscous drops of light falling from the sky.

An hour from crater lake with a night sky to die under, up above and down below, gnats swarmed us. Only in the cool moist morning did I get some respite.

And now we move to Portland. Still keeping it weird all these years (zoom in to read the sign on the car).

A study in contrasts. From Crater Lake (a fire in the distance) to Olympia, WA

Diamonds in the sky, cheaper stuff on the floor

And finally …