Thu Sep 8 20:44 PDT 2016 There are innumerable reasons, such as the 65 quotes listed here, to keep a journal. My mother kept a journal and on occasion would allow me to read it. This book becomes a place to frame your thoughts and put to paper. Memories that will soon be forgotten but come flooding back when I read the pages years later.

With the baby on his way any moment in the next month or so, this is going to be a great time to record his development and my loss of hair.

In every new endeavor much time is wasted on aesthetics and this CSS is an attempt to get a different look for journal entries. Not sure if this separation between blog and journal will actually work. But since this is a journal, I can come back and confirm that, right?

P.S. I actually just changed all the entries post trip. So you have older entries (uptil my London blog notes) and there after a new look.

P.P.S Will I ever change this really bad logo?

Write what should not be forgotten, Isabel Allende