Dear diary,

My adult life has become involved, from job to to fitness (or the urge to be fit), to hobbies I forget to be still. What am I talking about you might ask? Let me explain

Around 8pm, I was walking back from the new Indian restaurant on 24th called Dum. Run by the jovial and very motivated rupam, they serve the most delicious egg rolls. Well not quite most delicious since nothing really comes close to the Calcutta variety, but in its 8” six dollar portion it satiates perfectly.

Anyways, having picked up the four tolls, I strolled back home . and o decided to try be mindful. The approach to mediation is to let thoughts go and not focus on any thought. Its impossible to have an empty mind, but its possible to let the thoughts go.

And so I did as I did the 10 minute walk back. I noticed the cracks, the street lights, the leaves, the graffiti, the compositions of buildings abutting and trees murmuring. And I didn’t focus on either, let them all go. And as the mind wandered farther, I reined it in by catching my surroundings. But I can’t focus on that either. Because I’m.mindful! So look somewhere else. When you need to let go its amazing how many things around you to hold on!

Fuji XT1 with the 56/1.2, 35/2 and VSCO Neopan (my favorites are TriX and Neopan)