Dear diary,

Some pictures from a cycle ride to Twin Peaks. There are several routes but this is one i knew which is a straight peddle from 23rd, a left on Dolores and then all the way up Clipper ( the last stretch is mind numbing) and then a very long half mile stretch up Diamond. The other one is straight up O’Shaugnessy (in Glen Park and more inspiring in my opinion).

The sporty mindest doesn’t give up. I’ve done this ride before and while on the hill I tell myself, just a bit more and just to the next hill. This time, Ashrith wanted to see the sunrise which meant I had to leave the comforts of my bed at 5:45 am. The fall out of that was on my first tough hill, i asked myself, why am i here and not in bed? and promptly gave up.

Not a good feeling. But Twin Peaks more than made up for it with the sun coming up from behind Mt Diablo and bathing the city in golden (yet feeble) sunshine.

Changing topics, watching my mother in law stand at the kitchen and heat rotis, make dosas while the rest of us lap it up has led me to conclude that rotis, naans, dosas and the like are symbols of patriarchy with a woman (more often than not) labouring in the kitchen while the rest of the people eat. It dilutes the communal aspect of eating.

I have the urge of forcing everyone in the house to eat rice. The ultimate hearty and communal meal. Think biryani and paella.

The black and whites are Trix 400 shot using the Leica M7 and the Voightlander Skopar. Which will now be sold since i dont what to do with it!

Street art from near my home in the Mission and along my cycle ride.

Scenes from around town. A lovely black car, the old to new building styles as seen from the SF Moma, and a delicate lady collecting her vegetables from a community garden near Harrison and 4th