Sat Oct 22 Two weeks ago Tashi was born. I still remember the version of me that would never marry and felt that children are best seen in other peoples arms. Yet I’ve been reshaping my entire identity for nine months and eagerly reading the bios of interesting people and confirming they have children.

And good that i did, because i’m overjoyed to introduce Tashi. What a rush! What was supposed to be short visit to the hospital suddenly became a feverish sequence of events. A few trips between home and hospital to get bed, bedding and food. Sheetal was quickly induced, the pain came soon after and the nitrous came last but not too late. A lot of huffing, a lot of puffing, and with a lot of cheering on from the doctors and nurses, Tashi was shoved out into the world. Silent and surprised very soon the world heard the wail of it’s newest human.

And now Tashi is two weeks old. Like any proud father, i see changes everyday. The current milestone is that his glassy black eyes are wide open and he’s crossed his birth weight. He turns his head to sounds and can track close faces move. He gurgles to himself when left alone but that gurgling soon changes to a wail, often easily switched to a satisfied one if fed.

So that’s two weeks. A lot of sleepless nights, fear and exhaustion, i’ve decided to take every day as they come. Despite the billions of babies born , every day of Tashi’s is unpredictable.

heavy bottom
artery narrow
hair dry
saggy face
rounder waist
thicker skin
baby boy
my heart is bursting