Fri Nov 11th Last Sunday marked 30 fresh days of tashis life in this world. His eyes now wide open, neck muscles stronger, this homunculus moves his head to follow our face. His frequent puzzled smiles bring wide ones to ours and he pleasantly allows us to change his clothes without having needing extra hands trying to pacify him. What a delightful change.

Jijo and Debarchana came visiting. Jijo mosdef was not comfortableholding him and I would have probably been the same, but being his dad I really have no choice! Debarchana loved to cuddle him and Tashi seems to be quite the cuddle bug, curling up and taking naps in his arms.

High contrast pictures continue to amaze him and so do people. Remember he has only met like 20 people so far! Each feature is unique and precious and something for him to absorb. His leaning kit is learning. What he dislikes is posing for pictures. Like he realizes we are indulging ourselves and not him. Quick to realize he starts his wail…

He even went to his first birthday party in Pacifica and saw nearly 15 people in one room! And BBQ smoke! And sea breeze. His eyes were wide open taking everything in. He is definitely not going back to the mother womb anymore, and he slept late (which involved a lot of rocking) probably dreaming of his qualia (what else would he dream of?) that day. What does he dream of and how?

While good Tashi sleeps on my chest, in his post-prandial upright position I stated reading a paper on the statistical comparison of rates/proportions. In this paper was a proof of an equality which required nothing really more the lower undergrad math and reading it (after a long dry spell of no math) bought back the satisfaction of real analysis proofs from school days.

Math was tough with unrewarding dry spells but gave a satisfaction unrivaled.

On another note, the election news has got me so down and depressed I don’t have words. I found this which describes how great the divide is in the USA. And it’s so difficult to condone all those Trump voters who did what they did despite everything he says and stands for.