Tuesday Nov 22,2016 All agog by the cognitive developments of the hosts in Westworld, I watched Her the other day. One of the characters divorced after 8 years of marriage was blamed by her parents, his parents and everyone in between. She was tired of it all, of trying to be someone her partner wanted her to be and of living an identity everyone around expected her to have. In a conversation with her friend, she said she can’t please everyone,in fact she won’t, because people will blame you for things and she would just like to feel joy for herself. Fair enough.

But in a book by Teju Cole, one of the characters had written a book on the persecution of Native Americans throughout the history of America. The persecution was relentless and ruthless and though the book was written in the typical dispassionate academic style, studying this pain hundred years removed, took it’s toll on the author. And she (the author) could not feel joy in living anymore because of the burden of history. So what is our ethical emotional position? Can we just want to feel joy for ourselves when a bit of inquiry reveals the pain suffered by nearly everyone around you? I guess the desire to feel joy is natural but should we strive for it?

Oh gosh!(and how i switch moods like the news reporter Daphne mentions in the tv show Frasier) how time flies with Tashi. He is 6 weeks old and no posts and no pictures.
Hawaii comes calling and this will be his first trip to sunny climes as the chill sets in here at San Francisco. As predicted Tashi is beginning (as we approach the end of his second month. It still feels funny to say his second month of existence when i write this with fingers that have touched, stroked,prodded, poked for now 432 months…) lift his head and smile. Not too much to expect but hey it’s a relief he’s doing them on time. He’s gotten fatter and rounder and everyone seems to want to eat him. We met a friend’s 3 month toddler who is a largesome 16lb baby. Tashi was positively tiny next to him. As the Bruce’s baby head hung loose from his mothers arm, I wondered if he was sizing Tashi up! Overall the boy is surprisingly resilient. As Sheetail said, vulnerable yet the same time sturdy. Given how i pick him up to burp that’s a relief.

He also sleeps much longer between feedings, because his bottomless tummy just got deeper, he is large enough to enjoy the Baby Bjorn rocker (which is a godsend. I think it sends him to sleep even if he wants to remain awake and watch the world. The bounce is exactly like a medicine is exactly like Sheetal’s womb). Today, Sheetal took him out to the laundry and Tartine Manufactory - she was so happy and relaxed with his attentive to the world demeanor, it made for a first birthday present form son to mom.

We visited the hospital in the first week and an acquaintance’s said (he had had a newborn a month back) that it will get better. Amazing how i kept focusing on that 6 weeks ago and now we’re 1.5 months in and his words couldn’t be truer.

I wonder if a more than two party system would have avoided the Trump fiasco we now experience.