Wednesday Nov 30,2016 As we coast into our seventh week, Tashi has stopped floundering in the world outside the womb and beginning to get the most out of it. The nipple and it’s fountain of heaven is still his pole star and his more than ample time at this temple has gotten him to a healthy 11 lbs and a 23” toe to head. Am i’ not turning insufferable? All fueled up, with his strong neck he surveys the world ahead from my shoulder like the ships boy aloft on the mast. How large and huge everything must seem? It’s not difficult to know. When i was 12 i was scolded by a huge, menacing and terrifying 16 year old. Chancing upon him, 8 growing years later, he appeared tiny.

I doubt his memory has kicked in too much since his eyes are full of wonder when he says the same bed, same room and the same tired us every day. But i’ve got his attention some times. The other day we finished a Mr Men book but that kept him up beyond his sleep time.

In the mornings he sometimes curls up on my chest and we both nap which is the first memory of the day. Usually, i hit the bed and wake up the next morning. Sometimes we don’t know how ended up on a different side of the bed!

This week he had vaccinations. Half expecting a stormy day ahead, we got nothing but sunshine and some squirrel whimpers :) of course having a milk gorged nipple in your mouth helps the medicine go down.

So here’s some smiley happy Tashi

P.S The mural above is close 24th and Mission (walk down 24th and stay close to McDonalds)