Wednesday Dec 14,2016 It appears Tumblr might be better suited? Some random images from a travel to Portland and around here. Also now that i’ve found out how easy it is to transfer images from Iphone to mac is, I can now show of iphone images (and the iphone 7+ camera is indeed wonderful).

Today, someone got on the caltrain, settled in,whipped out cellphone and proceeded to scroll facebook. I used to read books on the pot and now i browse my cellphone. I use “checking the time” as an excuse to take out my cellphone despite wearing a watch. I feel relief that at least i recognize my cellphone as a security blanket. And that’s the first step to a remedy.

Today i took the train to mountain view. I’m quite liking the Mountain View Mozilla office - plenty of cozy corners, people are chattier and the design makes for meeting and eating with colleagues easier. About 5 years back,i would take the Caltrain to Mountain View nearly everyday. I would often feed my growling stomach at a taco/coffee/juice/snack shop at the Millbrae Bart-Caltrain transfer stop. Today, waiting for the train to come, I heard the bars of a flute wafting in through my headphones. Unplugging NPR, I turned to see the taco shop owner playing the flute with gusto, bringing some color to the otherwise gray morning.

Note to self, taco sellers don’t sell tacos.

Code to make the above image (recording is initially

    ffmpeg -i -filter:v "crop=1920:500:0:900" x2.mp4
    ffmpeg -i x2.mp4 -vf scale=1920:-1:flags=lanczos,fps=10 frames/ffout%03d.png
    convert -delay 1 -loop 0 -dither None -colors 80  "frames/ffout*.png" -fuzz "40%" -layers OptimizeFrame "rain2.gif"