Thursday Dec 12,2016 I write this at the start of Tashis ninth(or tenth? such a blur) week. So it’s been two weeks in the interim. In these two weeks he has put on a pound if not more, took off in an airplane and landed ,not once but twice , been changed under the shade of a tree, on a warm car bonnet , been fed on a beech, under a tree, in a bed overlooking the ocean and to the sunset. Gosh the common thing here is that he also always had his mouth to nipple and feeeding. and in between, cooing, gurgling, smiling and seeing new sights galore.

It appears we are lucky he didn’t complain with the cabin pressure change and slept throughout the ride and woke up eyes agog to the sight of so many people.

All this occurred in the big island of Hawaii where Mozilla had one of their work weeks. We spent five days in Waikoloa with 1200 employees and 800 family members. Read that sentence twice. And everyone was in the same hotel, the Hilton, very cultivated Disneyesque, with an eclectic choice in art, did have the exquisite Pacific ocean in front of them. The grounds made for very restorative walks much needed after too many drinks and many more Mozillians.

We spent five days talking drinking, planning and laughing.

Sheetal, baby,I and mother in law went there some three days before and explored the northern part of Hawaii. It was beautiful but a bit of a washout with the incessant rain, and Tashis very frequent desire to feed meant Sheetal couldn’t do may activities she enjoys doing. But the few we did afforded memorable views and yielded many beatific cries of delight.

All pictures with Fuji XT1 (using the Helios 44-2 lens) and the iPhone 7+

Little Tashi before and after take off. The flight was as relaxing as the view

Lounging crocodiles

Some colors of Hawaii

Sheetal and her mum in two different poses

Tashi seen and not seen

Beautiful greens of Akaka falls and Wiapoi overlook (there are in fact a lot of surfers down there)

A lot of character here (read the inscription above the fuel cap) …

The fire dance held on the last night on very wet steps (thankfully they didn’t slip). The came in, they danced, they left. It was all very sudden

Some objet d’art from Hiltons own museum walkway. One wing is inspired by Asian mythologies and another wing changes to European style landscapes reminiscent of Turner. No idea who chose what went where.