Tuesday Jan 2nd,2017 While Tashi is in the process of turning 3 months this week, we’ve been searching for infant day care for Tashi. Though i kept our names in the wait lists of a handful of day cares, this doesn’t guarantee admission nearly 9 months on! If my friends once again say that children don’t exist in San Francisco, I shall throw this in their face. Daycare is one of those things that one cant but help spend as much as one is able to. Who doesn’t want better primary education for their child? But at upwards of 2000 per month this is not an easy decision …

Tashi mean while returns your coos with smiles, he plays on his own and is happy to be read to. All the toys we were given make sense in that he responds to them. He’ll follow your face as you move around and gurrggles and oohs a lot. One of my friends said, you get your moneys worth 3 months in and that is true. It’s not always pooping and sleeping and crying. There is social playtime now.

I wish i had been a bit thorough regarding family daycare. It turns out for some places families apply even before they conceive! Right now it appears day care will be around 1600-2700 dollars per month. But that’s if we find one.

Family + Tashi = oodles of pleasure

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