From Sausalito (Tenessee Valley), Oregon can be reached by trail. Which brings to mind the following ditty

come with me an be and my love
and we will all the pleasures prove
lost, bedraggled, hunger despair
four-eighty-two miles my fair
we’ll hush together,tuck together
talk together,fuck together
in the bone cold open air
and we’ll buy fresh underwear
when we reach Oregon
coz theres no sales tax there

And finally Tashi turned 3 months, batteries included. By that I mean to say, I purchased all the batteries (rather than take 12 batteries from office I did the good thing and purchased from Walgreens). He was entranced by the light and sound show. A little furry duck that glowed and played classical music, a little whale that projected images on the ceiling and played sounds of the sea, and another mobile that played a gentle lullaby. And lastly, a rattle that also played classical music. It seems baby soothing is classical musics’s last influence on this world.

During the day he is very interactive and playful. Staring intently, it’s rather easy to get a smile out of him. In fact, sitting at an angle, placing him on the shins and then bringing knees to stomach is not only exhausting (his 14lbs cannot be ignored) but also (for some reason) got him to laugh. Watching daddy exert huh?

Somewhere in the 3month he grew hair and the warm caress is is gift that keeps giving. All his gurgling, cooing and aahing is like a little language struggling to be understood. But what does it say?