Tashi soon turns three and half months old. February 9th will be his fourth month. How things have developed. He smiles every morning, in fact it’s easy to get smiles out of him. A cheerfully intoned “Good morning” gets a gleeful smile. He usually wakes up at 5:30 am and is every so restless. Demands attention and invariably gets it. He is well content in his playpen, grasping low hanging toys and hitting baubles he cannot grasp. Hitting is a baby’s way of interacting since they don’t have much means to control their nervous and muscular pathways. I guess bullies neither …

Initially I would wrap his fingers around toys, and he could hold on to them. Since yesterday he has started wrapping the fingers himself when given the toy. His gurgles have turned to little half laughters between a little screech and gurgle. He loves laughing and then turning his face away. A coy boy!

And he stares and stares absorbing everything. Closing his eyes is anathema. It seems i was a happy baby. Speaking with my mother (high points to her for taking care of two us and managing a household at the same time all alone in England), it turns out Jijo was lap rocked in india by my grandma and had gotten used to it. Subsequently when taken back to England, my mother had to continue the practice. He grew out of it eventually. Eventually being 8 months in. I however was reared the western way, which is to say, pat the baby on the back and place in cot. Tashi has received the bouncing and rocking treatment all this time. I did make attempts at persuading the household to put him in the cot and sleep train him, but nobody wanted him to cry. And so he doesn’t, but now maybe we do. A bit? Putting him to sleep is a long and windy path with grues lurking around the corner.

We’ve been searching high and low for daycare. It might be that he gets into Bright Horizons. It is so expensive and so competitive. I did like a family day care run by German lady. A no nonsense sort who allows the children to play outdoors with ice, who feeds them very well (she is a nutritionist and I will say i’m a bit miffed that Bright Horizons, despite their high fee, don’t provide food) and speaks only in German. But she is only till 3 and BH goes till pre-kg.

The questions I ask myself. Financing the buggers education. I guess a 529 plan is the most i’ll do. My experience with investing money beyond the basics (e.g. put money in bank, invest in 401K) is to put it mildly, idiotic.

Another milestone: he held his feet. I will take pride and say i introduced him to his feet. While changing him i bent his very flexible body over and got him to touch his feet. I think it was the first time he understood he had feet. I have a feeling, like a glimpse , that the baby’s hand and mouth play as an important role as the eyes. Such as something exists if it can be touched. Seeing is not believing, since they prolly haven’t developed the concept of ‘belief’. But it if can be touched it must be real, right? I guess this is a clue for Virtual Reality to really take of - if i get a sensory feedback when i touch a virtual box etc. So by introducing Tashi to his feet (by means of hands), i shall note, that I gave him his first step, ha ha, and now he will grab both his feet, tumble and turn over.

Baby hands lead to baby steps.

Some photos taken with Neopan 400. Some from Hawaii and some in December. These were taken with the Plaubel Makina 67. I always open up these files with apprehension yet a little contrast later they are wonderful to behold. Maybe because, with a medium format i take that much longer to compose, i feel more love for these photos. Also they are something to behold on a big screen monitor.

The pictures are from Hawaii (big island), oakland, bernal hill (san francisco) and the marin headlands. And the banner image is a quick snap of a fearless and skillful mountain uni-cyclist.