The iPhone 7+ can take ‘portrait’ mode photos. With it’s two lens, it takes two pictures at different depths of field and blends them together. More often than not this does a very acceptable job in getting that ‘bokeh’ portrait look.

Sometimes it trips. Take a look at the glasses of the gentleman in brown. If you see his right frame (viewer left), it appears the bottom corner is missing. I lack the original photo, but i can tell you the color of the frame in that region is similar to the ground behind. In the blending this bit got erased out.

When algorithms go wild, the results are funny.

You can see the before and after for these photos. None of these have been edited save for the baby photo.

It is called portrait for reason. The photographer doesn’t have control over what is in focus and what isn’t. Which means, the camera algorithm looks for a central subject. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoy using the iPhone.

It is like the Leica of the camera world, in that it has a signature rendering and color.

Today we begin sleep training Tashi. That means we feed him for half an hour, then interact for maybe an hour and half after that. Next begins getting him into sleep mode and eventually send him to the land of sleep for about an hour and half. This does not involve a rocker nor a medicine ball and ideally we place him down when his eyes are still open.

Moreover, this means about 3-4 hours of sleep during day and we target nearly 7 continuous hours of sleep at night. So if he whimpers at night, it means pacifier and some shushing (which implies we get out of bed and help him back to sleep, no more boobies).

I have the 4am duty. Wish me luck. Tashi sleeps well, but he feeds or rather we feed him every 3 hours. Which is okay during the day but not at night. Let’s see how this ends.

And lastly, updates. I mentioned a few days back i had to wrap his fingers around toys? Well given the toy, he wraps his fingers himself. He even puts the pacifier into his mouth, but silly little boy, he doesn’t realize he must let go of it before moving his hands away. Unsurprisingly, it falls out and followed by a little wail.

Some lovely photos of a hike to Tennesee Valley (in Marin county, near Mill Valley). Taken on Portra 400 on a Leica m7 with a 35mm/f2 Zeiss lens.

The black and whites are Neopan 400 shot at 320.