1. Sat Jan 28 Tashi slept for five hours straight. I couldn’t believe it. He cried his very best before that, Sheetal pacified him a but and he slept of. I hardly slept expecting him to wake up any time. But any time occurred at 2:30 in the morning.

  2. He fed two boobs, and then it took 1 hour to get him to sleep again. We steadfastly refused to pacify him. He then slept for two hours after. So after one night, our sleep training is not terribly bad. He didn’t enter the bed once. Feeding was restricted to a chair.

    We had the bed to ourselves ;)

  3. I heard Heartbeat by Claptone after a long two hour interview and in the middle of hour long drive home. It was exhilarating, as much as exhilarating can be while sitting in a car in traffic. But for a moment, i felt like freeing myself from my body embarrassment by wearing the most figure hugging shorts, the tightest shirt and jumping in abandon to the song. This version of me does not exist even in an alternate universe.

  4. I was walking down 24’th street and i could smell the odor of food, of manufacturing, of character. Sometimes walking down American streets, the odors are neutral or of human waste. Walking the streets in Calcutta (i don’t mean the garbage lanes), the aroma is rich and nuanced. It felt good smelling something with character.

A few adorable photos of Tashi when he was 3 months. Taken on Neopan 400 with a Biogon 35mm/2 lens. Some other photos of when Neetika and her partner Rolli came over from Australia.