I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with the best camera is the one on you. In other words the iPhone. And it takes such wonderful pictures. Tashi is 4 months and more than 2 weeks old now. He smiles because he loves it. He smiles because that’s as natural as kicking his legs. Code phrases in sing song such as ‘Good Morning!’ bring forth a torrent of smiles. I’m so trigger happy! This is a sudden change in the last two weeks.

And the most amazing thing happened: all of the evening he was quietly playful. Sitting in my lap, chewing his chador, smiling at me. Spending time with us in a restful content way. At night instead of the 20 minute pacing in the cool hallway (which always got him to sleep), he gurgled, he cooed, he played wiht Sheetal’s hair and he fell asleep. No patting, no breastfeeding, no pacing, and no tears. Indeed this is the first time in 4 months he fell asleep on his own.

Was it the 3 hour nap he took in mine and Dad’s arms? I dont know.

This day, my coworker left Mozilla for Apple.