An Xpan image of the Golden Gate bridge (90mm lens). This being a journal, the objective is that it be a place of record. To keep a memory of when things occurred. For example, my parents came to stay from the beginning of February. My father has taken to Tashi like a wind pole in a wind. He comes over in the morning while both of us get ready for office and begins to play Tashi, tell him stories and a bit later put him down for his morning sleep. My mum comes over a bit later and is now the expert bottle feeder, very eager to get the very last ounce of milk into Tashi.

Tashi for his part is growing every day and is now shy over 16 lb and 27 inches tall. He has, according to the doctor, met all his milestones and coincidentally rolled over onto his tummy the same day as his doctors visit. How odd he chose to roll over the same day the doctor told us to not swaddle him when begins to roll over (and I’m happy to say good bye to all that noisy velcro and guessing whether Tashi does or does not like swaddling. The consensus is that he doesn’t like it). Watching him roll over is one of the biggest (most obvious) developments so far. He pushes down on one arm and pivots over it. In his final position he doesn’t know how to retrieve that arm from beneath him.

He still smiles like a waterfall - freely and without end. Not sure if he laughs, but making noises in his tummy seems to get an approximation of a laugh. He has started holding his feet and curling up. And now with the sun visiting and the rain leaving, we sometimes leave him in his onesie if only to admire his cuddly thighs.

We visited the doctor at UCSF. Though we really like our other pediatricians closer to home, being a group practice we would get different advice from different doctors. It was all very confusing and our doctor at UCSF has consistently been reassuring. His latest advice was on solid foods and that we ought to expose Tashi to some solids (and proteins to inoculate against allergies). Given how much Tashi likes his milk, this will surely be fun and afford a rich sensory exploration. I’m looking forward to it!

Tashi’s swimming continues at La Petite Baleen. I can’t say enough how much he has become accustomed to the water. He loves his baths now and for him, bathing tires his little body out because he’s always splashing and kicking in the water!

Some of these pictures are withe iPhone 7+ and repeatedly surprised by how good the photos are.

Work is coming along fine and I need to read A NonParametric Sequential Test for Online Randomized Experiments (walmart labs) and A Maximized Sequential Probability Ratio Resr for Drug and Vaccine Safety Surveillance as we slowly start to try sequential experiments. Why, despite sequential experiments with multiple endpoints such a big thing in clinical trials we in tech industry have not adopted it, surprises me.