Rapidly approaching six months. I’m on paid leave and looking after tashi at home. Day before last night he surpassed us: he fed at 11 and woke up to feed again at 6. Holy moly. This is the holy grail of sleep. It could be something to do with his spacious cot, surrounded by a colorful bumper his toys tucked away in corners, his mobile above him and still enough space to turn and toss.

Some photos from a day trip to Monterrey (Hasselblad 501cm, portra 400)

It’s his tossing and his inability to really move around that in my head prevents him from sleeping soundly. Maybe with improving strength things will improve. Because that miracle night did not repeat itself the next night.

We have a set routine, tashi and I. Mama leaves and we tackle the day: he sits in his bed, or rather I prop him on the bed ledge while he watches me make the bed fold things away pull the curtain etc. Then he plays a bit in his bed while I have a shower make coffee and eat breakfast. Soon he feels sleepy and getting tired of the constant pacing to make his Highness sleep, I sit on the rocking chair let him wail for five minutes (which feels like eternity in the evening) and then get up and pace for a few about 5 -10 minutes aftrr which he falls asleep. All is good. And hour or if km lucky jour and half later he wakes, we play (haven’t read much books!) And then some times we go out. Him wide awake taking everything in.

The other day he met rex and Bo. In my head this would have been a photo op but sadly rex was hyper and Bo wanted to lick his face off. Through this mêlée tashi was very curious and seemingly enjoying it. Tentatively. I knew for sure he didn’t mind because he ended up smiles galore when I was changing him. So st least he doesnt mind dogs.

Dad and mum have gone to jijos place and that’s phantom tashi syndrome. Mum was washing plates (at jijos place) and dad told her to keep the volume down! It’s all silent here and no one to hand tashi to when I’m tired. Mum comes back in three weeks and Namrata comes in July. Really looking forward to Namrata’s visit.

Mum fed him pureed bananas which he enjoys. Less so carrots and potatoes but that’s likely to my sorry state of pureeing food.

Okay he wakes up from a nearly two hour slumber. Time to play.

several weeks ago, while waiting at Millbrae station for the caltrain to arrive, pacing with earbuds listening to NPR, I heard a mellifluous strain of flute. The taco/sandwich/coffee/chinese bakery truck that’s been serving food for 6 years and counting has a flute playing owner! Leaning against his truck, in what presumably was slow hours, eyes closed he serenaded the morning. In the cold gray cement parking lot, i experiences beautiful dissonance. Moments like these allow me to remember that person is never just what you perceive them as.