26 march Our second day of Ferber. Fed him, sleepsacked him, and out him down at 7:30 is and within 30 minutes and 3 reassuring visits he was asleep and sleep he did for 60 mk minutes. He awoke with cry expecting us to rush over but trusty ferber said no, not for another 5 minutes and the boy fell asleep with in that (a lot f wailing protests).

We will feed him when he wakes at 11 or after they but not before that.

He is cooing and chatty so much more. When awake he is such a pleasure to hold and interact with. Today he slep in my lap while I read other minds. I think the only thing comparable is dog at the feet, a cat on the lap and a good book.

I shall write about my experiences doing the Ferber method once we he sleeps without crying and bringing the house down.

24th March Today we took a solids food training session. Much like sleep training foods have a zillion opinions on the net. Going to nurse Judy’s class gave us a nice introduction from a person we can trust.

Today it turned out that while tashi would fall asleep.in our arms hr steadfastly refused to sleep in the cot or be taken out of our arms. As soon as we put him down he would squirm and wake up. What to do? I was at my wit’s end and my back was slowly giving up. I downloaded the ferber app called x and we tried it out. We also did pick up put down. More on this later.

Today I heard my neighbour had passed away. I don’t often feel this way. Heartbroken? But the feeling of irreparable loss. Death can be so permanent. It hurts.

Today I find out that Charlie, Deena’s dog had died.

So many events for one day.