Tashi’s first day at daycare. We took him to Lolli’s place which is 3 block way from our home. He had no problem being dropped off and he spent 4 hours there. Playing with toys and interacting with other children. My first time with him in the care of strangers, i feel these little tremors of having lost him. Not being under my extended care, it feels like we’ve lost each other on a big ship! But all is well. He came back his smiley self and apparently didn’t even look at sheetal as she left. As usual he didn’t sleep when left alone, but did in the pram. I get a few hours with him when i come back. Eager, more than ever to see his adorable grins, i tossed him many times in the air. Yes, it’s still there :)

Mum and Sheetal went to pick him up and according to Mum, he was pursed and stared at sheetal for a few blocks. ‘Abhimaan’ is what mum said,”how could you leave me alone” was what tashi was thinking …

He went the next day too and it appears he loved it even more. He greeted Lolli with eye to eye grins, drank chicken soup and upon his return was his happiest ever. So it seems he gets to meet human his size, play and be well taken care of. I’m feeling much better. But there are subtle changes every week, changes I can’t put my finger on. As i told my whatsapp group, one enjoys the cuddly football the most the day you realize they’ve changed and then you want to go back a week.

Otherwise, a normal day. I have a presentation about Sequential Experiments tomorrow. We gifted Jijo his whiskey but he couldn’t come home for us to sample it. My loss!

This is him packed and ready to go to india.

Yesterday was Tashi’s annaprashan. It was a small affair with Jijo, Ashrith, Mum and SHeetal and of course Tashi. Farah my neighbor dropped in and showed his latest photographic project. He is always an interesting person to be in the company off. Tashi wanted to eat everything but sadly nothing could be given. He ultimately picked the music and pencil. Alas no books!

Camera Insights

With an insight, i realized my mistake of buying the Contax G2. If you search for this camera, you only get glowing reviews. What Google doesnt tell you, is out of a tiny group of film photographers only a fraction use the contax g2 and and even small fraction still use it. They will obviously love and rave about it. Naturally, you’ll never see a bad review nor will you have an idea of how niche it is. So in the throws of your latest GAS you buy this costly camera and realize this is not the experience you were looking for.

I bit the bullet and am in the process of selling the Fuji 35mm/f2. I took some photos with the 56mm/1.2 along with the 35mm/2 and they were bitingly sharp! So much so, i did a double take when i saw the photos. The 35mm/1.4 has a soft-sharp (a strange adjective i came across on the net but i think i get it). When the light has been caught just right, the 35mm/1.4 glows without an exceeding sharpness to it. I like the 56mm for it’s perfect images, but the 35mm/1.4 is understated.

Paul really likes this kid.

And so does we!

And his last day La Petite Baleen. We’ll miss you! He is now registered for YMCA swim classes.