It’s been nearly a month since I last wrote. To be precise, since I last wrote here. I’ve been assiduously jotting notes in my Google doc sheet. So while Tashi is asleep recovering from his first ear infection, I shall collate these entries.

26th April. I thought he had recovered but he had a lingering cough and ‘goopy eyes’ (as the nurses described it). We noticed the goopy eyes on a day trip to the Monet exhibit at the Legion of Honor. The exhibit showcased his early years before 34(ish). At the prodigal age of 17, he displayed his work at the Salon. It turns out that Sheetal is quite a Monet fan and was quite overcome with the plentitude of posters to buy. So she bought 3.

I kept Tashi front facing at the exhibit. Need to expose him to art. One particular painting of the Virgin with baby and two angels caught his attention. Narcissism much? He stared at it continuously. The next day we took Tashi to the doctor. Turns out he has an ear infection and he is the first human I ve seen who sticks his tongue out to enjoy his amoxycillin.

We’re all down with some infection. Both Sheetal and I are on antibiotics. I’m irked with myself, in that i believe that the my zero exercise life has contributed to my decreased immunity.

21 April We joined a local parenting co-op called the Froggy Hill parents coop. A group of parents that help each sit their children and give their kids for sitting. A warm and friendly bunch, with a lot of administrative trivia. Such as quarterly taxes(you give points), and the rule of one sit (you sit a child and get points) and give your child for sitting (you pay points) and finally everyone must host a social once a quarter. Seems fair, let’s see how stressful these things become.

18 April The imaginary idea if a country is revealed in articles like this. And more so in ‘fine art’ pictures of countries showing their locals. For example, the tourist books of Ireland have mostly featured pictures of several generation white irish folk doing irish things. No mention or depiction of immigrant communities. The typical Australian is the surfer/cricketer/lover of outdoors and is either white or aboriginal. Likely no display of the large swathes of asian communities there.

So when do the immigrants become part of the imagined idea of a country? I’m being unfair, immigration at the levels we see between countries has been on the surge.

16th April Tashi goes to daycare and though our bouts of puking and his feverish appearance disappeared his hoarse voice persisted. Soon in addition to his hoarse voice like a baby reaching boyhood his coughing started. Two nights again he coughed through the night. Pinch me for being mean but his coughing shortened bis wake up crying spells. A troubled delivery mechanism cannot but give up on crying! What to do? We fed him a ginger brewed water, we rubbed his chest with garlic oil. We even applied some Vicks to his chest. He had reviving chicken soup which sent him into delightful kicking frenzy. And finally some Zarbees syrup. The night went smoothly without a single cough. Just listening to his 15 minute siren wail is enough to tell me he is recovering.

Last week because of a misreading (mostly likely because of a very talkative nurse) the doctor misread his weight as being a pound below normal. When you’re the in teens of pounds even a pound off is a serious issue. The doctor was extremely concerned and we came home thinking how to get more milk into this body? The doesn’t seem to be any more opportunity. Two days went by like this fretting about his weight loss, the development consequences and a niggling skepticism about his reported with loss which didn’t match his roly poly nature. We weighed him at Noe valley peds and it turns out he is exactly on track! I can’t describe the relief.

10th April I believe we caught our first bug from Tashi. Tashi, Sheetal and I went to Angel Island for the first time. A lovely little island a 30 minute ferry ride away, there is nothing much to expect lounge on the beach, take a refreshing hike around the island and if you’re well planned, stay the night in a tent. It is nice however to escape the city and see it from across the water. But in the evening of, Sheetal felt her stomach bloated and waves of nausea persisted. Not to be left behind my mum, who hadn’t gone to Angel Island also felt nauseous. None of other islanders were experiencing anything. Soon the there were frequent rushes to the bathroom. Sheetal vomited her guts out, tashi was fast asleep and I began to feel queasy. Queasy enough that I puked , or rather hurled with preternatural force my innards out. Feeling feverish, i slept through the night. The next morning i hear my mum puked too! And then began the interrogation of foods eaten. What could have been it? Squash was blamed, but it couldn’t have taken so long (for the reaction)? It turns out several people Sheetal knew , all of whom handle children (nannies, new parents) had similar symptoms.

So it could have been via sheetal or Tashhi! For he has started daycare and the blighter is bringing back gifts for his parents.

He himself appeared mildly feverish and his smile was wan. It was oh s pitiful as he whimpered and yelled with hoarse voice and yet managed to give us wan smiles.

Two days later, good to see he is back in kicking action.

9th April He turned 6 months and he has started proto crawling (bum in the air, stuck). He is quite the expert at sitting up straight without assistance!

I was playing Emmylou Harris and rocking Tash to a dozing but eyes open state. He was so tired he fell asleep in my arms almost instantly. With the lights dimmed and the music soft I let him fall asleep there. Sheetal called it my weak moment since I’ve been all about getting him into bed with his eyes open so he falls asleep using own devices.

It was tender moment holding the warm ball of livingness. Just a humming warm ball who a few minutes back was kicking laughing and making all sorts of baby noises.

I remembered dad would ask how much we loved him and knowing well how the game is played we said a billion to the power of billion. And then we grew out of it and we wouldn’t give him an answer or did but forced. I myself might play the same game knowing how much pleasure it will give me and I know I will share the same fate as my fathers when Tashi grows out of it.