Another little collection of entries. The online way of journaling is a tad more tedious than the pocket journal approach to makings thoughts permanent. So finally I got it all together. it’s a multi day process.

3rd May. I take Tashi to Loly’s house every day. I wonder how many visits he will need before he is bored? Boredom should only be an old mans perogative. Not a 7 month old’s. He looks left and right and today i noticed him eye a mastiff, and even track the dog as he appeard from Tashi’s right, went behind me and past my right. Thus we see object tracking and permancen in one go. Good job! I’ve moved his seat more angular since he doesn’t want to remain lying anymore. I also noticed that one side of the trees, the side foot path, have been shaved while the side on the road is allowed to bloom. Why in this country, do goverments so scared of injury, whip nature into a fashion of human acceptable choice? Why can’t we learn to live with nature rather than control it to our ends?

After a week of exhaustion(Tashi was ill), I wrote this (lyadh is bengali for laziness)

Where did you go lady lyadh?
Why do I see your back?
I would up and look for you
But you trained me so well
I’ll lie back and ponder
What did we suddenly lack?

Someone came between us
A baby with a gremlins zeal
Who cries and laughs and squirms and yells
Who gave me fevers shaking chills
I so want your lap to lie on
To close my eyes and listen to cars whizz by
Watch the sun arc from 12 to six
Vegetate with B grade horror pics
But Tashi wakes from a nap
A paltry ten minute interlude
Don’t forget me, we’ll make a scene
Once tashi turns a sober thirteen

10th May. I heard a lovely line on the radio. An NPR host was interviewing the author of the “Hourglass”, Danny Shapiro who mentioned this: “She has the awareness of a labrador”. What a lovely mean way to describe a person. I’ve always thought that labradors are the happiest bunch of dogs, bred for the family to be Man’s happy companionable beast who can jump, run,play and loll and nothing mu

11th May Tashi started crawling. Well he actually started crawling at Loly’s but soon after turning 7 months (a day we all forgot was his birthday except for Mum. This lapse in memory is a gentle reminder to self to slow down and enjoy every day. They are not coming back …). It’s more like a drag and throw himself across the floor but the dam has broken.

14th May we took him to see Yoni ki Baat. Our friend Neha spoke a powerful piece about her mother. My mum liked that the best. Interesting to see that people like their own kind( Mum liking a piece about her age group). He woke up during the many moments of clapping but with a bit of boob and some entertainment he was grinning throughout the show. We have a showrat on our hands. His crawling is more adept now. He can turn and explore without encouragement. And though it is still dragging (which starts off as a crawl) he is way more confident about it. He’s all around more interactive and playful. More of his personality comes through, one strong aspect: crying for mummy when she leaves the room. He looks in her absent direction and cries for her. He ultimately calms down (within a minute) if she doesnt come back, but this is the first time I’ve noticed his distinct preference for her soothing touch.

He found the YMCA waters a touch cold. Maybe that’s he why he prefers to lounge in the water rather than kick kick kick!

Aspasias father passed away. She returns from Greece in two weeks. Sheetal cooked baked chicken and roast potatoes for little Kostas. He loved her much, ran to her with hugs and immediately transferred hugs to the potatoes.