i visited my brothers and sis-in-laws place in Manchester, CT. The vegetation is starkly different from the bay area. Rolling hills of a myriad shades of green. Lush forests and shaggy overgrown trees surround my brothers house for miles around. He took my mum and I for a lovely drive around Glastonbury where I saw the statue of Webster (of Merriam Webster fame) and the United States’ oldest running ferry (since 1630!). I love the ferry rides in the bay area mostly because of the gorgeous scenery, but the ferries that give me my fix are the small ones like the one we went on. Small enough to fit 3 -4 cars, a little tugboat pulls the ferry across the Connecticut River. Each ride is $5 and you call the ferrymen from the other side with a little honk of your horn. I could have ridden up this 100m little ride the entire day, but the setting sun and the polite but firm ferrymen would not have it.