Crash Graphs Report

Firefox Crash Graphs is a daily (weekdays) report of crash analysis on a representative 1% sample of the population from Firefox's release channel on desktop. Main, content, and plugin crashes are collected and analyzed for this sample of the population and provide an accurate representation of the state of Firefox experience for desktop users. In providing this representation, developers will be able to investigate the user experience of Firefox crashes.

The website's code is available on github.

Background to this dashboard, and a good email discussion on FHR-dev can be found here , though if you're confused by some of the measures and why they don't match your expectations go here.

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Histogram of Lengths Between Crashes

This section contains weekly histograms of the time between product crashes for users who crashed that week and have had a previous recorded product crash in their history. The distribution of hours of activity between product crashes is available. While the time-series graphs of point summaries of this metric is shown above, the full distribution of a snapshot of a week may provide additional insights on Firefox usage and crash patterns.